Pork Burger Classic.
 A juicy lemon pepper and garlic salt seasoned
whole hog patty on a toasted homemade brioche
bun, with your choice of Swiss, Pepperjack, or
American Cheese, dressed with locally grown
onions, lettuce and tomato.   6.00

Big Pig Burger.
 Mike's personal favorite a full 1 pound burger on
flat bread, dressed with grilled onions and bell
peppers, with a generous coating of Uncle Joe's
Sweet and Smoky Sauce.  9.00

Beef Burger.
 SI pasture raised and finished beef from one of
three SI small farms (Which one will be on the
trailer board) 1/3 pound grilled to beefy
perfection, dressed with local lettuce, onion and
tomato   Single 6.00  Double 8.00 Triple 10.00

Pulled Pork.
 Slow Hickory Smoked T5R Pork Shoulder Either
Sauce mixed or to the side.  Served with
Coleslaw and BBQ Beans, the way it should be,
but you can substitute from the other sides 6.00

Horse Shoe or Pony Shoe

A open face type sandwich on toasted bread,
with two patties of Pork Burger, Beef Burger or
Chicken Burger, A generous topping of hand cut
fries smothered in plain or jalapeno cheese
sauce.  Horse Shoe 9.00  Pony Shoe 6.00

Clucker Burger or Gobbler Burger.
1/3 pound Chicken or Turkey patty specially
seasoned with a hint of Rosemary and a Dash of
garlic salt, and topped with local lettuce and
tomato with a drizzle of semi melted herb butter
on a bioche bun  7.00

Thunder 5 Ranch
11141 County Road 300 E, McLeansboro IL. 62859  Phn 618-308-0917  Email mike@thunder5ranch.com

Grilled Chicken.
Comes in Sweet & Smoky Sauce,  Lemon Herb, or Hot and
Spicy. Slow cooked over a oak fire to tender juicy
perfection. Served with you choice of two sides, a dinner roll
and a drink. Half a Bird 12.00  1/4 White 7.00  1/4 dark 6.00

Grilled Chicken Breast.
A large T5R boneless /skinless breast infused with garlic
and basted in herb and butter, with enough charring to add
character. Served with any two sides and a Drink  8.00

Pork Chops
Two fat or lean and mean T5R bone in Pork Chops grilled
to order,basted with lemon and garlic butter.  Served with
any two sides, a dinner roll and a drink. 8.00

Ribeye Steak.
A 12 oz Ribeye grilled to order over a hot hickory fire to
seer in the juicy joy.  Served with two sides, a dinner roll and
drink  15.00

Side Dishes.  Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, BBQ Beans, Hand cut Fries,
grilled veggies (Seasonal), seasonal fruit salad,  side salad, cottage
cheese,  scalloped potatoes,  and celery sticks with ranch or blue