Welcome to the new T5R Website. A lot has changed since my last Website
update over a year ago.  I had to sit down and make a lot of very hard choices
about the direction and future of the Thunder 5 Ranch.  So indeed a lot has
changed as these choices were made.

1.  The CSA/T5R Members club as it was is not coming back. There will be a new
  CSA Model in 2018 but nothing like the old one.  

2. Retail Packages of Pork and Poultry will be available in limited amounts.  I will
have bulk packages available but we are talking 20-25 pound shoulders, whole
sides that can weigh up to 25 pounds and ground pork packages in 5# and 10#
bulk bags.  Or packages of 30 pork chops instead of 2 per package.  

3. Whole and Half Hogs have always been the better option both for getting cuts
custom and exactly what you want and price wise.  I typically have groups of
butcher hogs finishing every 3-4 Months.  A much better deal for the customer
and a lot less complicated for me than the Meat CSA was.

4.  The Gardens and Produce I have been shrinking the gardens back since
  before I got sick in 2016, just too much work for one man in prime health, let
  alone a guy looking at 2-4 more years before he is back in prime form. So the
  final decision I made was to cut the veggies back to 1 acre, the greenhouse
  and the high tunnel.  Most of that will e going through the see #5.

5.  The New T5R Chuck Wagon BIG, Red and Black and Ready to attack.  It is a
  complete kitchen on wheels, that shoots a Screen house with a smoker, grill,
  fryers and a flat top grill out the back.  With 4 tents worth of market and
  festival seating for 32.  And Seating for up to 80 folks at parties and private
Thunder 5 Ranch
11141 County Road 300 E, McLeansboro IL. 62859