Prepared Foods, Catering and Mobile Vending
New for 2018 and the future of the Thunder 5 ranch
  We have made a major shift in how we offer and will continue to
offer our products in the future. The vast majority of what we
produce going forward will be marketed in the prepared foods
arena.  I had toyed with the idea of selling our raw products
wholesale and it did not take long to figure out that route would be
a disaster.  

 Since I have a broad education in the food service business and
know every aspect of it inside and out.  Why not start my own food
service business and source our ingredients from our own farm
and a few other select SI small farms.  It is a very large capital
investment no matter how you do it. Whether brick and mortar or
Mobile.  I decided on both, the commissary and inspected kitchen
has been made from the on farm store and cottage kitchen. And the
new T5R Chuck Wagon was purchased and is a complete mobile
kitchen.  The old smaller Chuck Wagon Trailer is being fitted as a
rolling warehouse for tables, tents, chairs, and dry storage.   

 We will be offering and serving a wide selection of 5 star quality
foods with 90% of the ingredients sourced from Southern IL.  All of
the pork and poultry and 50% of the vegetables and herbs will be
from our pastures and gardens.  The remaining 50% of the
vegetables will be sourced from three top notch SI growers that use
organic practices.  Beef will be sourced from a SI grass fed and
finished producer.  On occasion I will offer other pork and poultry
producers products and promote their farms.  

 To book us for a party or event please Email for more information and available

 Pricing will vary with the type of food desired and travel time from
the farm.  

 We offer full service that includes tent space, tables and seating
for up to 80 people and a cooked to order menu, to delivery of the
prepared foods for you to serve.

 We are also available for fairs and festivals, church events,
weddings, funerals and graduations.  

 We will be doing a limited number of Farmers Markets and have
room in the schedule in 2018 for a Thursday market or a Saturday
Morning Market.  

 Folks we are not talking hash wagon or roach coach standard fare
here.  I am a very adept chef and if you want hot dogs and
hamburgers I can do that, but I am more than capable of preparing
top of the line high end cuisine and providing a professional and
enjoyable dining experience for you and your guest.