Farmers' Markets
Regional Producer Farmers' Market Johnston City.

Located in Downtown Johnston City  on the North Side of
Broadway in 100 Block, across the street from Indian Video.  
Every Friday from 3pm - 6pm April through October For the Main
Market Season.   And The Thunder 5 Ranch every Friday season.   
We have decided to take Decembers off moving forward.
A broken down home brewed stock trailer
that had sat in a fence row since 1993.  I
drug it to the T5R with plans to get around
to doing something with it......... Someday :)  
And I did it Sat from 2012 until later 2015
serving as a catch all and tool storage
trailer LOL.
In the late Summer of 2015 I decided to
completely redo the trailer from the ground
up and make it a market trailer.  I completely
replaced the floor with 2 1/2 inch post oak
planks and covered it with plywood and at
some point will cover the plywood with
industrial vinyl.  Built shelving and produce
racks and moved in two chest freezers and
our unit that can be a freezer or a
refrigerator.  Wired it up, installed lights and
in a lot of paint.
The RPFM Market Scooter's First Night out
on the town in Johnston City.  Was not 100%
up to speed but was close enough.   Most
folks have nothing but positive to say about
the Scooter, of course the usual suspect rant
on about it being a horse trailer, unsanitary  
and smelling of manure........ None of which
is even close to true and my suggestion is
they check their own diaper if they are
smelling manure.