Bull Sheets on the T5R
You start with this. Pasture based no
growth hormones or antibiotics. No
petrochemical fertilizers, no
petrochemical 'cides.

That makes this. High quality hay for
the brown season.

That feeds and sustains this, with out
all those nasty things factory farms get
off on feeding you via their poor

That makes this! The foundation of
green pastures and nutrient rich

That is collected to make this pile of
well composted building blocks.

That after several months of
composting makes this.

That is applied to the gardens and
pastures to grow things like this. And
starts the entire sacred circle of life all
over again.
This is just one of millions of sacred hoops that are working together
every day here on the T5R in perfect harmony.  It has long been my belief
that to remove anything from the equation is to break the cycle and when
enough of those sacred hoops are broken the entire greater hoop will
become broken.  I view my role within the circle as caring for and and
keeping things in balance.  When there is balance there is abundance
and bounty.  This is why we are so diverse, this is why there is a bit of
everything here on the T5R playing it part in the grand theatre of life and
death.  This is why I am so opposed to monocultures, CAFOs, this vegan
nonsense that gives different value to different life.  All life is sacred and
all life must take life in order to sustain life.  Humans were given great
gifts to play our role in the sacred hoop, reasoning, invention,  and the
ability to save knowledge and pass it on.  Wisdom seems to elude us as
a species though and we abuse our gifts for dishonorable things like
greed and control of others.  
What We Don't Do.
We do not feed any hormones or antibiotics , we do inject, implant, or add
in any way hormone or antibiotics.   

We do not feed distillers grains, soy, or low quality supplements to any of
our animals.

We do not confine our animals to small pens or paddocks.

We do not use synthetic petrochemical parasite, insect, fungal, or weed
controls, you know the 'Cides.

We do not treat our plants or animals poorly and value each life on the
T5R as sacred and living breathing life that contributes to the farm as a
whole.  We even respect the weeds as they are pulled and added to the
compost and contribute to future growth and feed.   In my traditional
cultural and spiritual beliefs and teaching ALL life is sacred and must be
treated with respect and dignity, in life and in the taking of life to sustain
life.  I make no distinction between plant and animal ALL life is equal and
sacred to me.  Each life plays a role in the greater whole of the circle.  
Whether that life is a microbe in the soil or a 1200 pound bull.  I will not
assign a greater value to one life over another.

We do not lie to you to make a sale.  If you require a deep and deceptive
sales pitch to feel comfortable making a purchase, the T5R is not for you.  
I do not play basket ball with my pigs, neither do I read them bedtime
stories by candle light at night.  I do allow our pigs and all of our animals
to live their lives as naturally and with as little intervention from me as
possible.  Sure I have those critters that have became friends and the
entire herd of cattle will follow me anywhere I lead them, without having
to bribe them with a bucket of grain.   Same with the porkers.  The Great
Mystery made chickens to be not so smart, or maybe they were made to
be really smart and I just think they are not so smart, but they require a
bucket of bribes to move around :)  

I am NOT a good sales person,  I am a good farmer and love my land,
animals and crops.  If people want to buy what I work hard to produce I am
happy, if people do not want to buy what I produce... I am still happy.
Money is not the force that drives me but I understand I have to earn
enough to sustain the farm and the life on the farm.  Otherwise there will
be no farm.  

We do not play dirty with other farms.  Even when they attack us, and
speak poorly about us.  I will defend myself and answer their
misrepresentations with truth, and I will make it clear that I do not like
those people and organizations that can only find success through
attacking others.  This is the Wasichun way and not my way.

I will not share my spiritual beliefs or ways outside of my culture.   I will
never use those things for personal profit, except in how they apply and
guide my day to day practices.  No you can't come and sit in my sweat
lodge.  I mean no offence but these ways are not for those outside of my
people, to blended and mixed with all of the other new age piece meal
spiritual mix ups we see now days. I will never support plastic shamans,
white wolves, or any other fabricated system pieced together from many
cultures spiritual beliefs.   I would not even speak to this but I am asked
often to sell or share that which cannot be sold or shared.

I will not follow practices that are not within the natural order of things or
could not happen via nature.  This is where I will never support GEO/GMO
abominations.  Mixing different species DNA to create these abominations
and unnatural foods will never be acceptable to me.